Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wild Desire, by Lori Brighton


Book Title:  Wild Desire
Author:  Lori Brighton
Published By: Zebra
Genre: Romance
Date Published:  March, 1, 2011
Pages: 392
Recommended Age: Mature Adults
Read and Reviewed By: Me
Rating: D/ 2

I borrowed this book from the library

Beatrice Edmund is a proper English lady who has been tucked away in a Scottish castle with her grandmother for years because of her grandfather’s wishes.  When her long dead cousin, Leo, shows up with his new bride, Ella, for a visit they convince her to travel to India with them.  In India she finds all the adventure a lady could possibly image and more.

Colin Fitch is Ella’s cousin whom they meet in India. He and Bea do not hit it off well when they first meet, but circumstances thrust them together for a week when they are separated from Leo and Ella. 

My Thoughts:
I didn’t really care for this book and have regretted requesting it at the library.   It was a well written story, but I didn’t care for the mystical elements of the book.  I was not able to lose myself in the book because the mystical part made it all seem unrealistic, but it had some good elements. 

I gave Wild Desire two stars and a grade of D because it was filled with adventure.  Bea and Colin are chased by shady characters and the reader is taken to isolated temples throughout the jungles of India. The descriptions of the women’s sari and the castle’s were vivid.  If you enjoy romance with a bit Mystic atmosphere I recommend Wild Desire by Lori Brighton. If you don’t, then stay away from it, but it does make a good beach book.

 Language: Some swear words
Adult Content: Sexual Content,
Violence: characters being shot and falling to their deaths