Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Betrayal, by Danielle Steel

Book Title: Betrayal
Author:  Danielle Steel
Published By: Random House Publishing Group
Date Published: March 27, 2012
Genre: Fiction, Romance
Pages: 321
Recommended Age: Adults
Read & Reviewed By:  Me
Rating: A/5

 "[...]if you can't trust an FBI agent, who can you trust?"- Special Agent Jim Kingston

 I got the book from the library.

Tallie Jones is a successful film director.  She is happy person with no interest in the perks that come with her profession. She has a good, loving relationship with her daughter, whom is in college, and with her father.  She also has a loving and caring relationship with her boyfriend producer of four years.  He personal assistant is her long-time best friend from college.  Tallie believes everything in her life is good until an audit is performed on her finances and she finds that someone is stealing money from her.  Who among her is betraying her?

My Thoughts:
I loved it!  Danielle Steel did an awesome job once again.  I could not put this book down.  I was up until 3:30 in the morning reading this book.  I first told myself that I would put the book down when I got to page 150, but when I got to page 150 I was in the middle of a chapter.  So I said to myself “I’ll finish this chapter then go to sleep,” but of course that didn’t happen. The characters are so well written I was surprised at the true villian. Steel has a capability to write books without he usage of foul language; therefore, a high school student can read this book if she has a high reading level.

I gave Betrayal five stars and a grade of A because I loved it so much. I always loved reading Steel’s books.  She has a knack for writing about real life issues and invoking an emotional bond with her characters.  I cried a few times.  If you like novels about real issues with a touch of “emotional” romance without the sexual passion, or if you are just a fan of Danielle Steel, I recommend reading Betrayal.  I must warn you it will keep you at night.

Language: None
Adult Content: very little
Violence: None

Monday, April 16, 2012

Forever Knight: A Stirring of Dust, by Susan Sizemore


Book Title: Forever Knight: A Stirring of Dust
Author: Susan Sizemore
Published By: The Berkley Publishing Company
Date Published: April 1987
Genre: Fan Fiction,  Paranormal, Vampires
Pages: 252
Recommended Age: Adults
Read & Reviewed By: Me
Rating: C/3

I got the book from the library.

Nick Knight is a 800 year old vampire who is a homicide detective on the night shift in Toronto. He has come across a gruesome and bizarre case: murder victims all found decapitated. Are they committed by a man recently released from prison who had killed his wife the same way, or are they committed by one of his own kind?

My Thoughts:
I usually do not read fan faction.  There are very few shows I will read the books that were based on them.  Since I recall loving the short-lived drama, Forever Knight when it was on in the nineties and have started watching the DVDs from of the show recently, I decided to pick up the first book written on the series.  I enjoyed reading this book.  It was closely knitted to the TV show, even keeping to the fact that Nick’s first partner died in an airplane bombing and has a new partner. Her name is Tracy Vetter and she is blind as a bat.  What bugs me is how his partner Tracy can hang out with a vampire, Vachon, but she can’t see that her own partner, Nick is a vampire. This just shows me that humans see what they want to see and the writers of the TV and book series knew this. 

I gave A Stirring of Dust a grade of C and three stars.  As much as I liked it, I believe the story line could have been better written.  It could have been more horrifying or maybe just more familiar.  Maybe I read the book before I had watched the episodes where Tracy and Vachon came onto the scene and had my memory refreshed.  As it stood, I couldn’t picture in my head the newer characters. Plus, my little annoyance with Tracy may have played a part as well.  If you enjoy reading about vampires and loved the TV series Forever Knight, I recommend reading A Stirring of Dust, the first book in a line of three books that were written based on the TV series.

Language: No
Adult Content: Adult Subject Matter, Heavy topics
Violence: Any violent scenes or acts and their intensity