About Me

I was outside reading a book.
I am a "mommy" to a four year old shelter -rescue Black Lab/German Sheppard mix named Maycee.  I am also a graduated student at Liberty University Online studying Religion with a cognate in Leadership.

I've been reading since I was child and always felt having a library card was like having a passport to travel to another world or time. I decided to blog about the books I read to help others find books they might like to read themselves.

 I am an aspiring writer and I had some of my writings published. I currently write poetry and short stories. I  post some of my writings at my other blog page at http://theresa-themindseye.blogspot.com/.  I am a Born Again Christian so you will read a lot of book reviews written on Christian books written by me. I love books so much I dream of having a room filled with books and using it as by own personal library.

I used to be a book review contributor over at E & K Family Book Review.

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