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Forever Knight: Intimations of Morality, by Susan M. Garrett

Book Title: Forever Knight: Intimations of Morality
Author: Susan M. Garrett
Published By: The Berkley Publishing Group.
Date Published:  November 1, 1997
Genre: Fan Fiction, Paranormal, Vampires
Pages: 284
Recommended Age: Adults
Read & Reviewed By:  Me

Rating: B/4
I got the book from the library.

Nick Knight is a 800 year old vampire who is a homicide detective on the night shift in Toronto.  Nick is constantly searching for his way back to mortality. He has come across a strange doll that was given to him by a mysterious woman.  She says the doll will grant him is heart’s desire. Nick ends up having a series of dreams that leave him baffled.  In the dreams he is a mortal, while everyone else in the police department are vampires, even his dear friend Dr. Natalie Lambert is a vampire and she wants to be the one to bring him over.  Even more surprisingly, LaCroix is a mortal as well and a leader of an underground group of humans who are fighting their morality.

Nick can’t tell what is real and what the dream is anymore.  What is the price he is willing to pay to be human once again?

My Thoughts:
I truly enjoyed this book.  I believe it to be the best out of the Forever Knight books.  It had just the right amount of fantasy to keep my attention.  I love how Susan M. Garrett used the subject of dreams as the main plot.  Dreaming is something everyone can relate to.  Everyone dreams even if they do not recall their dreams. (That is if they get the proper amount of sleep.)  Intimations of Morality gives us an insight of what if Nick’s reality was inversed.  The character of LaCroix was kept true to himself.  Even as a human, he will still sacrifice anyone for his cause.

I gave Forever Knight: Intimations of Morality four stars and a grade of B because I really liked it. Garrett is a fantastic storyteller and is quite sad that we will not be seeing anymore of her work.  I had just found out recently she passed away from cancer so unless she has many unpublished writers her family has yet to get published for her, her talent for storytelling is lost to us, the reader.  If you enjoyed the TV show Forever Knight or just like stories of vampires, I recommend reading Intimations of Mortality, the second book in a line of three books that was written based on the TV series.

Language: No
Adult Content: Adult Subject Matter, Heavy topics
Violence: violent scenes or acts and their intensity

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