Sunday, January 3, 2016

Her Brother’s Keeper by Beth Wiseman

Her Brother’s Keeper (An Amish Secrets Novel)

Author: Beth Wiseman
Published By: Thomas Nelson Publishing
Date Published: February 27th 2015
Genre: Christian Fiction, Amish
Pages: 300
Recommended Age: Adult
Read and Reviewed By: Me
Rating: C/3

This is from my personal library.

A few years earlier, Charlotte Dolinsky’s brother Ethan left Texas and had found love with an Amish girl, named Hannah King. He told Charlotte he had joined the Amish community in Lancaster and was engaged to marry Hannah. Then last year he took his own life. Charlotte is determined to find out what caused her brother to take his own life and is certain that Hannah has the answers. Charlotte disguises herself as an Amish cousin of the King family and travels to Pennsylvania to find the answers she is seeking, believing the answers would give her peace, but her peace ends up coming from a source she didn’t even know she was looking for.

My Thoughts:
I liked this book, but something was lacking in it. I really could not tell if the author was trying to make this a romance or somewhat of a mystery. There was basically no romance going on. The reader knew who was interested in whom and who would up with whom. The mystery was what was Ethan dealing with mentally to make him take his own life at a time he should have been happy, but that story line was flat.  This book was mediocre in its story telling. If you are a Beth Wiseman fan and feel the need to read Her Brother’s Keeper go ahead, but if you have never read anything by Wiseman before do not make Her Brother’s Keeper your first read of hers; you will be disappointed.

Language: None
Adult Content: Discussions about child abuse and suicide
Violence: None

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