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Mrs. Miracle, by Debbie Macomber


Mrs. Miracle
Author: Debbie Macomber
Published By: Avon
Date Published: August 1, 1996
Genre: Christian Romance, Holiday
Pages: 322
Recommended Age: Adults
Read & Reviewed By: Me
Rating: 4/c

This book is from my personal collection.

Seth Webster’s heart never healed after he lost wife.  Now, with his Christmas approaching and the latest in a long line of housekeepers has quit on him. With two rambunctious twin boys to raise a lone who is he going to get to help him this late in the year?  The agency says they do not have anyone else to send out to him.

Then Mrs. Merkle shows up on his doorstep, and from the moment the warm, loving, and patient nanny appears everything is different. The kids take to calling her Mrs. Miracle.  Mrs. Miracle’s sassy spirit is infectious and gives Seth the courage to approach Reba Maxwell.

Reba Maxwell is a travel agent who has been hurt and betrayed, and is afraid to love again. After accepting to direct the children’s Christmas pageant at church and with a lot of encouragement from Mrs. Miracle Seth and Reba might be able to learn to take a chance on love again.

My Thoughts:
I never read anything by Debbie Macober before and I usually read Christmas themed books during the Christmas season, but when a guy I know told me that he had seen the movie of this book on the Lifetime network and liked it I was very curious; therefore, I acquired the book.

I was pleasantly surprised. It was a very sweet romance. It was also a reminder not to hold on to anger and grudges, and that sometimes there are two sides to every story, if one is willing to open their heart and listen. I really enjoyed the character of Mrs. Merkle.  I liked how she seemed to know everything that was going on, and how she would butt in and giver opinion on everything.  Sometimes Seth would get upset with her butting in, but in the end he would admit she was right.  I didn’t like the character of Harriet Foster, a widow who sees wrong doing and sin in everyone else, yet never steps back and sees that what she is doing is wrong.  I feel that she gets her just desserts in the end.

I enjoyed this book very much and am grateful it was recommended to me.  I may never have picked up the book otherwise, especially at this time of the year. This was a book I read in one day.  It was a warm-hearted romance that was easy read. I may pick up another book by Debbie Macomber soon.  For these reasons, I gave Mrs. Miracle four stars and a grade of B.  If you like sweet romances with a Christmas theme, or even ones with angels involved I recommend reading Mrs. Miracle by Debbie Macomber.  It just may be the miracle you are looking for when it comes to Christmas romance.

Language: One foul word and it was on page one.
Adult Content: None
Violence: None

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