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The Thorn, by Beverly Lewis


The Thorn
Author: Beverly Lewis
Published By: Bethany House Publishers
Date Published: September 7, 2010
Genre: Romance, Christian Fiction, Amish Romance
Pages: 346
Recommended Age: Young Adults, Adults
Read & Reviewed By: Me
Rating: A/5

I borrowed this book from the library

Two sisters, one name Hen left The Old Order to marry an Englisher but after having a child she begins to long for the Old Ways she left behind and decides she wants her daughter to grow up in the Old Ways instead of in the World. She takes her daughter and moves back home, and she hopes to woo her husband to join the Amish.

The other sister Rose is unsure of her own heart.  She is devoted to the bishop’s rebellious foster son, but she cannot marry him unless he is baptized into The Old Order so she allows another man to court her.

My Thoughts:
This is the first book I ever read by Beverly Lewis. I knew for many years she was a popular writer of the Amish; I even saw her books on display in the stores out in the Amish country I visit around Ohio, but I would never buy one.  How interesting can a romance book about the Amish be, or any fictional book about the Amish for that matter?    

But then I started going through..oh a “phase” (for lack of a better word), where I wanted to read books without all the “I can’t wait to yank your clothes off and take you right here and now” type books and more of faith based romance.  So after reading one Amish book I remembered the popularity of Beverly Lewis and went off to the library in search of one of her books.  I found The Torn, book one in the Rose Trilogy, and it was a great find.

I really enjoyed this book. It had the twinge of mystery I love.  Lewis’ characters are not flat like in other Amish books, but they are well-drawn three dimensional characters. It showed that the Amish people deal with the same issues we the English suffer: tragedy, marital strife, and secrets. I really liked how Rose took the time to get to know people who were less fortunate to her, and I did not like how everyone else in the Amish community.  I gave The Thorn five stars and a grade of an A, because it was superb reading.  I recommend The Torn by Beverly Lewis, even if you are weary of Amish reading, as I once was. You will not be disappointed.

Language: None
Adult Content: None
Violence: None

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