Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Colby's Child, by Patricia Waters


Book Title: Colby’s Child
Author: Patricia Waters
Published By: Goodreads
Date Published:  May 10, 2011
Genre: Historical Romance
Pages: 283
Recommended Age: Adult
Read & reviewed By: Me
Rating: B/4

I received this book from Amazon.  It was one of Amazon’s free Kindle books they were giving away on a particular day.

Jenny MacDonald is left a widow shortly before she is to give birth to her fist child. Left alone in a small gold mining town that is populated by minors and dance-hall girls, she feels she has no choice but to marry Jason Colby’ the man who built the town and whom she suspects of shooting her husband. He also has as many secrets as her late husband had .  She believes it's a price she has to pay until she gets her gold mine and she can return east and live with her brother.

Growing up with a mother who hated his existence, Jason can’t help but respect Jenny because of her motherly ways and becomes a good father to her daughter.  Believing he is not worthy of being loved and having a family of his own he tries to keeps his distance from Jenny. 

Theresa's Thoughts:
I enjoyed this book very much.  I love stories where two people are forced to marry when they can’t stand each and eventually fall in love.  Patricia Waters did a good job of creating the characters.  There were moments I wanted slap some sense into Jenny and ask her how she could marry someone she didn’t know anything about, not once but twice?  Then I would want to turn and give Jason a hug, telling him has worth, not to let believe his slutty mom’s words. 

I disliked how the townspeople turned on him just by one man’s bad words.  After all he had done for the town; they judged him guilty without a trial. It just was not right.

I gave this book four stars and a grade of a B because of the emotions it evoked in me.  If you want a feel good book that actually pulls you and gets you emotionally involved with the characters, I recommend Colby’s Child.

Language: some foul language, not much
Adult Content: Two sex scenes, Adult Subject Matter, Heavy topics
Violence: None

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