Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Daughter of Deciet, by Carrie James Haynes


Daughter of Deceit
Author: Carrie James Haynes
Published By: N/A
Date Published: N/A
Genre: Historical Suspense
Pages: N/A
Recommended Age: Mature Adults
Read & Reviewed By:  Me
Rating: C/3

I received this book from Amazon.  It was one of Amazon’s free Kindle books they were giving away on a particular day.

When Alyce Hythe was a child she was whisked away to the countryside to live in secrecy, shunned from society.  All of England says her deceased father was a notorious spy for America. She has now come back to London to prove her father’s innocent and hears strange voices sending warnings before attempts are taken on her life.

Lord Julian Casvelyn has suffered with the guilt since the death of his twin brother who was murdered by Alyce Hythe’s father, but after saving her from an attempt on her life he begins to suspect that there is more to the tale he was told about his brother’s murder.  Together they the search for the truth that was kept from them.

My Thoughts:
I found the book very intriguing.  I kept wondering whose voice that was calling her warning her to run or wake up before a tragedy happened. Right from the beginning, the reader wonders if she is clairvoyant. Plus, the mystery around why people want her dead when she hasn’t done a thing to another ling creature pulls you.  I also sensed a stronger connection between Alyce and Julian that the book just barely hints at it. 

I gave the Daughter of Deceit three stars and a grade of C. Carrie James Haynes has a creative way of plotting years of conspiracies that slowly found their way to the surface.  Haynes had me running for my life as well; figuratively of course. If you like a book full of suspense with a sprinkle of romance thrown in I recommend Daughter of Deceit.

Language: Some swear words
Adult Content: a couple sex scenes
Violence: attempted murder

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