Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Killer’s Christmas in Wales (A Penny Brannigan Mystery), by Elizabeth J. Duncan


Book Title: A Killer’s Christmas in Wales (A Penny Brannigan Mystery)
Author: Elizabeth J. Duncan
Published By: Minotaur Books
Genre:  Mystery, Holiday
Date Published: October 25, 2011
Pages: 274
Recommended Age: Adults
Read & Reviewed By: Me
Rating: D/2

I borrowed it from the library

The people of the Llanelen, Wales get ready for snowiest Christmas in 25 years, Harry Saunders, an American stranger arrives in town.  He charms all the women and swindles a large sum of money from widower Evelyn Lloyd. When Mr. Saunders ends up dead Mrs. Lloyd is the prime suspect.  Did she kill him or did he have other enemies?

My Thoughts:
I can’t say that I really liked it.  It was okay, but it did nothing for me.  It was slow starting.  It seemed it took a long time to get to the murder and quick to solve.  I knew who the murder was before the amateur sleuth Penny Brannigan did.  I also didn’t like the foreign way of spelling names.  I couldn’t make what people’s names are.  I believe this book was a lesson to me not pick up books that are set in Wales.

I gave this book a rating of two stars and a grade of D because it did nothing for me.  If you are a fan of Elizabeth J. Duncan, I recommend reading A Killer’s Christmas in Wales during Christmas time.  If not, you will not be missing anything if you pass it up on the bookshelves.

Language: None
Adult Content: None
Violence: None

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