Saturday, December 22, 2012

What Happens at Christmas, by Victoria Alexander


What Happens at Christmas
Author: Victoria Alexander
Published By:
Date Published: October 16, 2012
Genre: Historical Romance, holiday
Pages: 396
Recommended Age: Adults
Read & Reviewed By: Me
Rating: C/ 3

I borrowed it from the library

Camille, Lady Lydingham, wants an official engagement to a handsome, dashing prince for Christmas, but her plans go awry when she organizes a party for him to meet her unconventional relatives--and a former love interest also shows up.

My Thoughts:
I liked this book but it was quite dry.  It’s a sweet love story, although the reader can see how it is going to end.  I like how the former love interest likes to play at pretending him and Camille are at fancy balls together; I find that romantic.  I also liked that by the end of the book, the reader realizes the book is about forgiveness.   I’m not sure I will read another book by Victoria Alexander, maybe another Christmas theme one but she will not become of the authors I seek out to read the rest of the year.  For these reasons, I gave What Happens at Christmas by Victoria Alexander three stars and a grade of C. If you are interested in reading a Christmas them historical romance that shares a lesson, I recommend What Happens at Christmas.

Language: None
Adult Content: One sexual scene towards the end of the book.
Violence: None

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