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Dashing Through the Snow, by Mary Higgins Clark and Carol Higgins Clark


Dashing Through the Snow
Author: Mary Higgins Clark and Carol Higgins Clark
Published By: Simon & Schuster
Date Published: November 18, 2008
Genre: MysteryHoliday
Pages: 226
Recommended Age: Adults
Read & Reviewed By: Me
Rating: B/4

I borrowed it from the library

In the picturesque village of Branscombe, New Hampshire, the townsfolk are all pitching in to prepare for the first Festival of Joy. The night before the festival begins, a group of employees at the local market learn that they have won $160 million in the lottery. One of their co-workers, Duncan, decided at the last minute, on the advice of a pair of crooks masquerading as financial advisers, not to play. Then he goes missing. A second winning lottery ticket was purchased in the next town, but the winner hasn't come forward. Could Duncan have secretly bought it?

My Thoughts:
I enjoyed this book. It was a change from other mysteries I have read where a murder was committed.  Instead it was story about a person who was perceived as missing that helped solve an old murder from many years ago. It seems this book included an amateur detective from other books by Carol Higgins Clark writing team, but the reader never feels like she is missing something. This is a stand-alone book. I love how in the end the two con men are willing to risk their own lives to save others, stating that conning people out of money is one thing, but murderers are something they are not. It was such a quick and easy read that I read it in two days time.  For all these reasons, I gave Dashing through the Snow four stars and a grade of B.  If you are looking for a good Christmas mystery, I recommend Dashing Through the Snow by the mother-daughter writing team.

Language: None
Adult Content: None
Violence: None

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